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I was flooded with an insane amount of good news recently.  Friends, this entry is for you. Med School Win! I received a phone call on Friday from L, my best friend since High School.  Awesome news!  She was accepted into UCSF med school.  I, in the middle of crossing the street at this point, […]

My friend, Alea G., and I have a tradition of eating things off of 7×7’s list of 100 things to eat in SF before you die (affectionately referred to as “The List”).  It’s been fun, and one day, after managing to hit three items off the list in one day (Miette‘s Ginger Snaps, Gott’s Roadside […]

Because there is no way for me to catch up, and because there is not that much to say (a picture is worth a thousand words, right?), I shall leave you with these shots of food I have eaten or made in the past several months. Enjoy! Tartine– I think I’m in love . . […]

I love wine country, and when my friend offered to drive a few of us up to Napa and Sonoma because his girlfriend needed to pick up a few cases of wine, I eagerly accepted.  Napa Valley!  Sonoma! We started off in Sonoma’s Hanzell Vineyards (we got a bit lost in the process), and ended […]

Cindy is the eldest cousin on my dad’s side.  She and Tom recently got married at Berkeley Gardens, and, as I said in my last entry, my father and my brother both flew out from the East Coast to join in the celebrations (unfortunately, the baby bro has just started high school, and so he […]

My cousin, Cindy, got married last month (August 30, 2009!), to a wonderfully tall British boy named Tom.  To celebrate their wedding, my father and my brother flew out to California from Maryland the prior Friday. I went to pick them up, then took them to dinner with my friend, Lisa.  We went to the […]

Korean barbecue has a dear place in my heart.  I may not be Korean, but whenever my family has a barbecue in the summer, instead of the traditional burgers and hot dogs, we inevitably have kalbi and bulgogi (Korean beef ribs and thinly-sliced beef pieces respectively).  I mean, we generally have homemade potato salad, sometimes […]

This was actually the second time I went to Habana, a restaurant featuring classy Cuban food which is located in The LAB, an “anti-mall” located in Costa Mesa.  My first time wandering into this hip little center was when my friend Priscilla and I went to dinner together after work.  I don’t remember what we […]

My friend Sara came to visit a couple weeks ago (for her friend’s wedding, I believe), and I headed over to her friends’ place to have lunch.  Her friends Cathy and Janie took us to Alhambra to eat at a restaurant called Tasty Garden.  It was quite tasty. The above dish was sauteed fish and […]



While studying for finals last semester, I spent most of my time in the Skyroom, which is the 24th floor of my apartment building. It has an amazing view and great furniture for studying on. I would head up as soon as it opened at 10:00 a.m., and I would stay there, swaddled in my […]