ABOUT Pineapple Bread

 Pineapple Bread was started in 2008 as a food blog dedicated to culinary and gastronomical exploration.  From dishes and recipes created in a tiny kitchenette of the Tenderloin of San Francisco to eager forays into the Old World kitchens of Northern Spain and Europe, the contents of this blog are comprised of recipes, rants, and reflections on life.

 The recipes featured in Pineapple Bread draws on Jeanne’s Taiwanese-American background and therefore often features both Eastern and Western styles of cooking and baking, sometimes combining a bit of both.

WHAT is pineapple bread?

Known in Chinese as 菠蘿包 (pronounced: bwoh lwoh bao), it is, literally translated, “pineapple bread bun.”  However, this bread does not actually contain any pineapple. Instead, it derives its name from the criss-cross design on its cookie dough exterior that causes it to look somewhat like the pineapple fruit. Please see this entry for more information about pineapple bread.

WHO is Jeanne?068

Jeanne is me.

Currently domiciled in San Francisco, California, I have claimed residence pretty much everywhere.  Contrary to what people usually think, I’m not originally from California.  I spent my formative years growing up all over the South and East Coast of the United States.

More recently, however, I have lived in Taiwan and Spain.  While in Europe, I was able to travel all over Spain ( Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Valencia, Bilbao), to France (Paris, St. Jean-de-Luz), to Belgium (Brugge), and to England (London).  I fell in love with the food and the different cultures I was exposed to, and since coming back Stateside, I’ve been trying to either recreate my time abroad or, at the very least, find restaurants that can recreate some of the splendour of the Old World.

You’ll find all of those explorations in this blog.

I recently graduated from law school, and now I’m in that funky in-between grey area of life as I look for a job, study for the bar, and generally try not to be to big of a loser hermit.  It actually keeps me quite busy.

But I would like to be employed.  Sooner rather than later, please.

Here’s a cover letter:

Dear future law-firm-employer, I am an intelligent, well-traveled, well-fed, and dedicated attorney-to-be who can whip up a mean patent and an even meaner risotto.  I would be the ideal employee, as I’m quick on my feet, write and speak well (most of the time), and have enough passion to rival a starving rhinoceros.  Not that I’ve had the luck to encounter a rhino anytime recently . . .  In any case, if you need a patent agent/attorney on the cheaps, please feel free to shoot me an email.  I can be reached at shippouchan@gmail.com.  Love ya!  I mean . . .  Sincerely, Jeanne.

In my free time . . . 

I love to eat [THIS FOOD BLOG], and I photograph things [MY PHOTO TUMBLR], and I hang out with friends and drink copious amounts of wine.


[@] – email me: shippouchan@gmail.com


9 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 Tina

    Jeanne Jeanne Jeanne…

    Back in our weekend vball days I would have never suspected that we would have so much in common! Love of food (you bake and cook and take pictures, I just eat and review on Yelp.com…though I bake too, I swear!), love of vball, and law school. The deeper into the law I get the more I realize I kinda just want to pull a Warren Brown (CakeLove) and open my own bakery one day. You never know, someday I might come recruiting at your door! For now I’m just going to bookmark this blog ;p

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and leave some love 🙂 Congrats on finishing first semester of 1L year. Good luck with the job hunt!

  2. Hello from New York. I have a food blog on my favorite foods.

  3. Hi Jeanne! Good luck with the Bar, and I hope you get some time to travel as well! Meg

  4. 5 April

    Hey, Jeanne–Love your blog, creativity, and the skillful way you deliver the flavors of fabulous food and inspired eating! I see a bright future ahead. Hope you land a spot as a reviewer on “Check for Two” soon and other TV/YouTube venues. You go girl! April (+ Ed) enjoying your guided desert fest Sunday @ Tartine’s :- >

  5. Great blog, lovely photos! I’m living in Spain right now and sure missing the Bay Area!!!

  6. Hi Jeanne!
    We love food and photos too! We would like to have you as a guest contributor for the section “FLAVOURS” in our magazine.
    Looking forward to hearing from you

    F M Team

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