Congratulations - Apple Galette Tart

I was flooded with an insane amount of good news recently.  Friends, this entry is for you.

Med School Win!

I received a phone call on Friday from L, my best friend since High School.  Awesome news!  She was accepted into UCSF med school.  I, in the middle of crossing the street at this point, screamed and promptly got several weird stares.  (Come on, folks, you’ve seen stranger things happen in San Francisco besides an ecstatic Asian girl.  Move on.)  Ah, joy.  I am stoked.  Not only for L (that girl deserves to go to the best med school), but, more importantly and more selfishly, this means that she’s returning to the Bay Area!

L– can’t wait until you’re back and we can scurry around San Francisco together. Last time you were here, I was in school and you were my escape from the law school community.  This time, you’ll be in school and I’ll be there for you.  It’ll be epic.

February Bar Results Win!

California’s February Bar results came out on Friday, as well.  Congratulations to all of the people who passed– especially to those who experienced less than pleasing results last time (or multiple times) before.  You did it!


Another round of law students bite the dust.  Went to my school’s commencement last weekend to see all my friends graduate.  Congratulations, friends.  It’s been a tough three years, and you’ve still got your toughest times ahead of you– good luck!

PS— for those of you who know me in real life, if you ever need a coffee break while you’re studying for the Bar this summer, call me- I’ll treat you to a cup of coffee.

(FYI, the photo above is an apple galette from an adorable shop in the Ferry Building.)


2 Responses to “Congratulations!”

  1. 1 May

    I thought you had made that apple galette. It looks so scrumptious!

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