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I was flooded with an insane amount of good news recently.  Friends, this entry is for you. Med School Win! I received a phone call on Friday from L, my best friend since High School.  Awesome news!  She was accepted into UCSF med school.  I, in the middle of crossing the street at this point, […]

Sunday Funday, my friends, is dangerous. The Girls Went out with some friends last weekend for my first ever Sunday Funday. This was our itinerary: Bisou— First stop @11.30 AM.  Bottomless mimosas.  An excellent club sandwich (see top photo).  Fun company! Lookout SF— Stop two.  Seemed like everyone from Bisou decided to migrate over to […]

Coffee coffee coffee. What’s better than taking a coffee with a good friend on a chill San Francisco morning?  Taking the coffee at a place like Mavelous ( I’ve passed Mavelous countless times since it opened in 2010.  With it’s elegant yet chic decor, it’s a place that I always wanted to venture into, but […]

If you know me at all, you know that I’ve been longing for Spain and the food of Los Vascos (the Basque) since I returned Stateside in January.  So imagine my excitement and surprise when, soon after moving back to San Francisco, I heard of Txoko, a restaurant featuring Basque food!  Spanish Basque food!  (Usually the […]

Doesn’t it look absolutely delicious? You’re drooling, right?  OH yes..  FIRST! On the 15th of May, 2011, a group of my friends and I walked the short distance across a brightly lit stage in the middle of downtown San Francisco.  People said they cheered.  I don’t remember– it was all a blur.  But at the […]

It began with the sweet smell of funnel cake, wafting by and tantalizing my senses.  And, like a coquettish flirt who can’t resist, the titillating scent hooked and dragged me in. Who can blame me?  Carnival food!  Who wouldn’t like it?  Deep fried, overly-sugared savory and sweetly decadent goodness! It’s officially begun– my last round […]

Who can blame a girl who misses Spain for wanting some Spanish food?  P and I have been trying to recreate our own Spanish haven in San Francisco . . . to varying degrees of success.  The difficulty is finding a place with pintxos– because of health regulations, restaurants cannot have food sitting out on […]

Let’s be honest here.  Is there anyone on this planet who doesn’t like fries?  Show of hands please.  That’s right.  Everybody loves fries. In December 2010, when P and I went to Brugge (Bruges), a quaint little town in Belgium of Colin Farrell’s In Bruges fame, we spent an entire evening searching for the frites […]

[Photo: me driving back from DC with brother Jon and friends Derick and James, photo by Derick] This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.  Every since last summer, I really wanted to go on a trek across our nation’s capital and take copious pictures.  It would, I thought, be […]

Sometimes a good idea becomes a great idea when executed properly.  Case in point: Making reservations at Chez Maya Le Petit Grill Basque the second we arrived in France.  Prior to doing anything else.  Before finding a place to eat lunch.  Despite the fact that we were starving and it was 2pm.  Reservations for dinner.  […]