A Dad, a Brother, a Friend – and (of course) Food!


My cousin, Cindy, got married last month (August 30, 2009!), to a wonderfully tall British boy named Tom.  To celebrate their wedding, my father and my brother flew out to California from Maryland the prior Friday.


I went to pick them up, then took them to dinner with my friend, Lisa.  We went to the Inner Richmond, where we discovered that if you’re early enough, the wait for Burma Superstar is only 15 minutes!  Unfortunately, I forgot (gasp!) to take pictures our food at Burma Superstar.  I think the person who enjoyed the food the best was my brother – he called me yesterday still dreaming about the chicken casserole dish he ate . . .

Luckily, I remembered (rather belatedly) my camera when we left to get dessert.  Genki crepes!  My brother, the chocoholic that he is, got the chocolate-cheesecake crepe.  Decadent?  I think so.  My dad got the same thing as I did – mixed fruit – except his was with nutella and mine was with whipped creme.  Yummyyy!

Next, we went back to my little apartment during one of the hottest days in San Francisco since I’ve been back  to sweat it out and drink wine and eat dessert.  Yes, I said dessert.  Take two.  This time, dessert was a jumbo cupcake that Lisa had brought for us.

088Isn’t it adorable?  I forget where she got the cupcake, but it had a design of San Francisco and everything frosted on!  Cute, and tasty to boot!  Lisa, remembering my abstinence from chocolate, got a carrot cake with creme cheese frosting.  Mm.  I am salivating as I type this.

The next day, I had a meeting in the morning, so my dad and my brother wandered around the city on their own.  They went to the SFMOMA which, apparently, is a bit disappointing after spending almost the last decade and a half in the museum and art gallery heaven that is Washington DC.  Oh well.  We can’t win them all.

I got out of my meeting and met up with them in time for lunch, then we went for a walk down Market Street to the Ferry Building.  There we tried Blue Bottle Coffee, the newest rage in SF.

137138I think my dad liked it.  I don’t really drink coffee, so I’m not sure if I’m the best gauge of how good it was.  We were trying to get New Orleans style iced coffee, but sadly it was sold out by the time we got there, so we just got iced coffee latte and coffee americano.  The lines, of course, were huge.  What is with San Franciscans and loving their slow drip coffee?  I don’t understand.  But then again, I don’t drink coffee . . . I have friends who swear by Blue Bottle and Philz Coffee.

Power to them.  Personally?  I prefer coffee-flavored ice cream!

Next entry: A Wedding!

One Response to “A Dad, a Brother, a Friend – and (of course) Food!”

  1. 1 Cat Watts

    …Blue Bottle New Orleans Style Iced Coffee, is the equivalent of nirvana on earth. 🙂 The icy and the spicy = divine.

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