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Because there is no way for me to catch up, and because there is not that much to say (a picture is worth a thousand words, right?), I shall leave you with these shots of food I have eaten or made in the past several months. Enjoy! Tartine– I think I’m in love . . […]

Ok, so you know it had to come down to this at some point, right?  I am originally from the East Coast, but now I’m living on the West Coast.  When I first moved out here and people found out how much I love to eat, the first thing I people asked was “Oh, have […]

Korean barbecue has a dear place in my heart.  I may not be Korean, but whenever my family has a barbecue in the summer, instead of the traditional burgers and hot dogs, we inevitably have kalbi and bulgogi (Korean beef ribs and thinly-sliced beef pieces respectively).  I mean, we generally have homemade potato salad, sometimes […]

This was actually the second time I went to Habana, a restaurant featuring classy Cuban food which is located in The LAB, an “anti-mall” located in Costa Mesa.  My first time wandering into this hip little center was when my friend Priscilla and I went to dinner together after work.  I don’t remember what we […]

Looks heavenly, doesn’t it? My friend Stacey and I went to the Asian Art Museum (literally across the street from me) the first Sunday of this month, since it’s free (and we’re poor), and when we left at noon, we decided to check out Flippers, a burger joint in Hayes Valley. Delicious! I got the […]

SF wanderings


In an effort to save time, I am going to post a bunch of pictures from my first few days in the city when my father and I were exploring. Enjoy! Feeding in North Beach Dinner after we had walked our legs off was at Panta Rei. My dad’s sea bass and shrimp something or […]

With less than a week left before my move to San Francisco, two of my best girlfriends and I made the trek out to one of the girl’s parents’ houses at Ocean City. The trip had been in the works for several months, and when we finally went, there was a general bailout from several […]

My family is taking a rare vacation together this year. We rarely go on trips together– in fact, we never really take “real” vacations. They’re all just mini day trips into the city or somewhere relatively local. The furthest we’ve traveled was to Toronto, and even that was when I was in high school– oh […]