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I was flooded with an insane amount of good news recently.  Friends, this entry is for you. Med School Win! I received a phone call on Friday from L, my best friend since High School.  Awesome news!  She was accepted into UCSF med school.  I, in the middle of crossing the street at this point, […]



For the first time in recent history, my stress levels have dropped below critical, and I can begin breathing again! In other words, I have finally completed the Bar.  It was a horrible three days, but they were spent among nearly 2000 friends and fellow exam takers, and we all made it through together. Congratulations […]

[I’ve been going a little hog-wild with my new 50mm lens for my Canon Rebel XT DSLR, so bear with me as some entries will just be gratuitous, non-food photos.  Like this one.  No worries, though– food will be forthcoming.] Anyway, the last few days of my summer in DC are winding down, and while […]

I can’t believe I’m entering my third year of law school.  It’s been quite a ride, that’s for sure.  Two years is enough to change anybody.  And if I’m any gauge of the fact, it’s enough to effect some rather major change to a person, physically and mentally. So this entry is dedicated to my […]

… and that is when I cook.  Or bake.  Or eat what others have cooked or baked. I’ve been eating out a lot recently.  It takes a lot of time to cook, and, honestly, during finals, my poor brain gets depressed and only wants to eat something tasty without having to think about how to […]

Hello dear reader! Welcome to Finals-Mode Pineapple Bread.  In other words, Jeanne is looking for any possible way to procrastinate from studying for her fourth semester of law school finals. (After three semesters, you would think she’d have figured out all the tricks– and, admittedly, she has, but somehow can’t quite pull it all together […]

This semester has passed by at an enormous rate.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was running around the beaches of Southern California like a carefree bird?  All of a sudden I found myself back in the brisk and breezy air of San Francisco, rushing from day to day to keep up with law school. […]

[Catching up on a backlog of images – please bear with me!] One might as, “What do people do the moment they finish up their first year of law school?” Well let me tell you. If you’re like me, then you go out to Ross, buy 12 wine glasses for $13, and the moment finals […]

Hullo hullo, dear readers! Apologies for the dearth of posts. I recently moved to Irvine, CA for my summer internship with Allergan, and with the craziness of packing, moving, recovering from finals, and shoddy internet at home (it still isn’t working, so I’m surreptitiously posting from work) I haven’t had a spare moment to update! […]

I’m done with my brief for my Moot Court Class!!!!! This beauty is a sexy 18 pages, not including 4 pages for the table of contents and table of authorities. This has been my baby for the past two months. Next up, I get to dress up and argue in front of judges! Ahh!! Oh, […]