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When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. ~Ansel Adams Oh, Taiwan. Taiwan often leaves me speechless.  So today I will allow photography to take the place of my words.  These photos are the first set from my trip there earlier this year in August.  There was purple […]

Where to start?  I’m finally in Spain, and I have had a grand total of ONE entry since arriving.  I could blame it on the lack of internet in my apartment (which, as of today, has finally been remedied!).  Or I could blame it on the Spanish mentality to take it easy and that anything […]

It’s true.  Asparagus reacts chemically (I won’t get into it unless you really want me to), and ultimately reacts to create that funky odor that occurs when . . . when nature calls. Yay.  Truly appetizing, I know. (By the way, do you see the papers in the background?  I’m currently editing my professor’s book […]

The weather in San Francisco has been unbelievably beautiful the past couple weeks.  It’s definitely not conducive to studying (which may be quite detrimental to my 17-credit + journal + research assistantship + APALSA-filled law student life), and during spring break a week ago, I scurried around the city, looking for good places to eat. […]

Because there is no way for me to catch up, and because there is not that much to say (a picture is worth a thousand words, right?), I shall leave you with these shots of food I have eaten or made in the past several months. Enjoy! Tartine– I think I’m in love . . […]

I really didn’t like eggplant much as a kid.  I mean, come on!  A purple vegetable?  Gross!  That being said, I think a good part of my dislike of eggplant was the fact that I had only had poorly cooked, tough-skinned, American eggplant.  You know, the big, fat, bulbous, so-dark-the-purple’s-almost-black kind.  As I grew older, […]



It’s been so long since I’ve made any bentos, hasn’t it? But when finals started and I began to study in the Skyroom (the 24th floor of my apartment building, which has an amazing 360 view of San Francisco), it was just easier to make a brief lunch and lug it upstairs where I had […]



Sugar snap peas are amazing. I could eat these babies forever and a day. Sugar Snap Pea Stir Fry I get my sugar snap peas from my local Civic Center farmer’s market. To choose good ones, look for bright green pods with firm, unmottled skins. They should not have translucence to their skin- if they […]

Okay, so Valentine’s Day is totally a Hallmark Holiday, but it IS still a holiday, and it’s one that you’re supposed to spend with your loved one(s). Guys, don’t forget, bring your lady flowers today! Then, take her to a nice restaurant and treat her to some culinary delights. Now go. Do it. For the […]

Being away from home for the first time during the Lunar New Year, I found a way to celebrate simply with several of my closest friends. I cooked! (Surprise…) Year of the Ox Lunar New Year Dinner Party – Menu Feta-cheese Stuffed Mushrooms Stir fried Broccoli Caesar Salad Braised Salmon Fried Nian Gao The favorites […]