Simple College Cooking 101

Dishes that a college student (or anyone else, for that matter) can make!

I’ll be posting periodically with various dishes that I like to make for myself (or for friends) when I just need something simple and quick with few ingredients.This page is just a consolidation of all the recipes posted specifically with college students in mind.

As a former college student and current grad student, I understand the need to have a repertoire of simple dishes at my fingertips that are easy to prepare and cheap on the budget. These dishes are healthy, nutritious, and, most of all, aren’t your typical “college spaghetti/instant ramen/tv dinner” foods! It’s scary how quickly one can get of those…

Dedicated to my kid brother, who’s probably eating ten times better than I am, if only because he lives so  close to home!

Simple College Cooking 101

Episode 1: Brothers’ Beloved Broccoli

Episode 2: Tomato Scrambled Eggs

Episode 3: Refried Fried Rice

Episode 4: Hakka Tofu

Episode 5: Oh Snap! Sugar Snap Peas


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