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I guess I’m picking up the slack while Jeanne is studying for her finals. I know I know…I’m a great friend. Anyways, another staple of Taiwanese cuisine is Beef Noodle Soup. To me, it brings back childhood memories, as I probably had it one too many times for the 5 short years I lived in […]

To avoid any confusion, my good friend Jeanne obligated me write a guest post (back in October). So reluctantly…oops I mean finally without further ado…here it is. Actually I’ll try to post more on Favorite Eats in Taiwan and keep them short and sweet. There! Happy now? Jeanne? Oyster Omelete (蚵仔煎 ) One of my […]

Welcome, Mike!


A good friend of mine from back home recently went to New York City and then to Taipei, Taiwan for vacation.  While he was there, he also ate and hit up a bunch of cool places.  So now, upon his return, he promised to post an entry about his travels. Please look forward to it! […]