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Sunday Funday, my friends, is dangerous. The Girls Went out with some friends last weekend for my first ever Sunday Funday. This was our itinerary: Bisou— First stop @11.30 AM.  Bottomless mimosas.  An excellent club sandwich (see top photo).  Fun company! Lookout SF— Stop two.  Seemed like everyone from Bisou decided to migrate over to […]

[Photo: me driving back from DC with brother Jon and friends Derick and James, photo by Derick] This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.  Every since last summer, I really wanted to go on a trek across our nation’s capital and take copious pictures.  It would, I thought, be […]

One of the drinks that anyone who visits the Basque Country must try is  txakoli. Pronounced cha-kho-lee, this pale wine is actually a type of sidra, or cider.  The flavor can vary from very sweet, almost soda-like, to much more brut, with almost a hint of bitterness.  Some people love it, and others . . […]

Limoncello, completed!  Strained, filtered, and bottled in its original vodka bottle, I must admit it is super delicious, even if I only let it marinate for five days. My first attempt at making my own liquor came out excellent, and it didn’t even freeze in the freezer!  (There have been reports that 80 proof vodka […]