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My friend Sara came to visit a couple weeks ago (for her friend’s wedding, I believe), and I headed over to her friends’ place to have lunch.  Her friends Cathy and Janie took us to Alhambra to eat at a restaurant called Tasty Garden.  It was quite tasty. The above dish was sauteed fish and […]

SF wanderings


In an effort to save time, I am going to post a bunch of pictures from my first few days in the city when my father and I were exploring. Enjoy! Feeding in North Beach Dinner after we had walked our legs off was at Panta Rei. My dad’s sea bass and shrimp something or […]

Seeing as how the title of this blog is Pineapple Bread, I knew I had to eventually make an entry dedicated to this wonderfully delicious bread. Known also as 菠蘿包 (pronounced: bwoh lwoh bao) in Taiwan and other Asian countries, this bread actually does not contain any pineapple. Instead, it derives its name from the […]