Shik Do Rak – Irvine


052Korean barbecue has a dear place in my heart.  I may not be Korean, but whenever my family has a barbecue in the summer, instead of the traditional burgers and hot dogs, we inevitably have kalbi and bulgogi (Korean beef ribs and thinly-sliced beef pieces respectively).  I mean, we generally have homemade potato salad, sometimes cheese-dogs (hot dogs stuffed with cheddar cheese – they are amazing), and always a salad of some sort.  But kalbi is a different thing altogether.  Totally un-American and yet fully American in the sense that America is a conglomeration of various cultures from around the world and a Taiwanese family eating Korean barbecue may be the epitome of the American dream.  It’s sweet and savory all at once, and when I think of summer barbecue, the aroma of kalbi blackening over the grill.  Delicious!

Anyway, I wasn’t planning to drool about kalbi and bulgogi all day.  Rather, I’m here to talk about duk bo sam.  When my friend from college, Kathy, came to visit, we hit up the local korean barbecue place, Shik Do Rak, which specializes in thinly-sliced meat that is grilled, wrapped in a thin rice-paper (similar to a Chinese dumpling peel, called duk) dipped in chili-paste and/or oil seasoned with salt and pepper.  I like to add greens and kimchi and various other panchan to the mix before I stuff the entire wad of oily goodness in my mouth and look like a monkey (panchan = Korean side dishes, which are usually quite numerous, very tasty, and free).

056SO tasty!  It is especially fun to see a HUGE pile of frozen slices of meat be turned into sizzling, savory morsels.  There were three of us that night- Kathy, her boyfriend Alex, and me.  The three of us were bursting by the time we finished.  Somehow we managed to down everything, although afterwards we had to take a good long walk through the Spectrum in Irvine to walk some of it off.

Yum.  I highly recommend this place.  Just– don’t wear anything you don’t want smelling like Korean barbecue after because you will smell like it after.

059croppedMe and Kathy!


4 Responses to “Shik Do Rak – Irvine”

  1. 1 Jing

    i love how your photos are looking lately. beautiful!

  2. yes! shik do rak is SOOOO good. make sure you get the little cup of yogurt afterwards! 🙂

    • 4 Jeanne

      oh my gosh, there was a cup of yogurt?! noooo! i’ll have to go back and get some!!

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