“The List” – An 8-Restaurant Marathon Through the Mission


My friend, Alea G., and I have a tradition of eating things off of 7×7’s list of 100 things to eat in SF before you die (affectionately referred to as “The List”).  It’s been fun, and one day, after managing to hit three items off the list in one day (Miette‘s Ginger Snaps, Gott’s Roadside Grill nee Taylor’s Automatic Refresher’s cheeseburger and sweet potato fries, and The Rotunda’s popovers with strawberry butter), we thought it would be a great idea to do a sweep of five or more items on the list all in one go.

But, the question was, how would our stomachs be able to handle it all?!

Solution: go in a group large enough to split all the items into small enough portions that we could all have a taste but (1) not burst our stomachs, and (2) not break our wallets.  Good plan?  Yes, indeedy!!!

When?  What better time to celebrate than on the last day of our second (or third) year of law school finals???

And so it began.

I rounded up a group of my friends to join us, and on the last day of finals, a group of five girls headed into the Mission with one goal:  to finish as many places on the List as possible.  Here is my journal of how we did:

The beginning:

Here’s Alea G., slightly apprehensive about the number of restaurants we’ve plotted on our restaurant crawl through the Mission . . . We started in the lobby of my apartment building . . .

(First Stop)

Arinell Pizza
#86– Cheese Slice

Not bad, but not incredible either.  A good start though, because we were all famished– so it was perfect for a late lunch.

(Stop 2)

Monk’s Kettle

#50– an obscure Belgian Beer

One of my favorite stops– a great beer selection, and an awesome pretzel and mustard!  The pretzel was on The List for 2009.  I do say, try one of their tart beers.  It is delicious.  I liked the one you see on the left.  Don’t really remember what it’s called anymore.


We started our party with only four (me, Alea G., S.K., and Yaeri).  But at this point, our friend Stacey joined us:

And so we moved onward to . . .

(Stop 3)

Balompie Cafe

#32– Pupusas

There is a fifteen minute wait for these babies, but I promise, it is WELL worth the wait.  Especially if you have work to do, you can sit outside on the little red chairs and do some work.  Like S.K. here:

Puts me to shame.  Just kidding!  My brain was shot!  Finals were over!  I was FREEEEEE!

So, moving on:

(Stop 4)

La Taqueria

#3– carnitas taco

Hands down the best carnitas I have ever had.  Period.

(Stop 5)

King’s Bakery

#52– Coconut Bun

Not bad, but I think they would have been a lot better warm.

(Stop 6)

Rosamunde Sausage Grill

#23– Beer sausage with sauerkraut and grilled onions

The sausage was good, but the fries were perfect.  And the different types of sauces– I especially loved the curry ketchup, but even the “regular” ketchup tasted different.  A little sweeter, maybe?  I also really liked the baked beans.  YUM.

We got a pomegranate alcoholic cider to try, but I found that I still prefer the tart beer we had at Monk’s Kettle

(Stop 7)

Humphry Slocombe

#45– Secret Breakfast (bourbon + corn flakes)

This was the one place we all decided to get our own instead of splitting everything.  Who would’ve thought that such a small seeming cup would contain SO much ice cream?  Ah, but it was sooo tasty . . . I got the Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee– SO good.

(Stop 8)(?!?!?!!!!!)

Anthony’s Cookies

#65– cookies-and-cream cookie + milk

We were exhausted by this point, but . . . I can’t believe we MADE it to EIGHT different stops!  By the time we got to Anthony’s, I couldn’t eat anymore.  I grabbed a cookie to go (I got a whole wheat oatmeal and cranberry one since I don’t eat chocolate), and we headed out.


So what do you think?!  We were thinking of hitting up Tartine as a ninth target (we started at 1pm, but ended at almost 5pm, just in time for their bread to come hot out of the oven . . . O_o), but we made it two blocks away from Anthony’s before we realized that our legs had turned to lead and any more food might mortally wound us.  That’s when we decided to head home (bypassing bacon-wrapped hotdogs on the way to the Bart station).

If you’ve done something like this, let me know!  And for those of you interested in joining me next time, let me know, too!  It was SUPER DUPER UBER WOOBER fun!!!!


3 Responses to ““The List” – An 8-Restaurant Marathon Through the Mission”

  1. 1 Alea

    We should do this again some time. It was fun. Maybe we’ll just stick with five, though. Eight was painful. Haha.

    • 2 Jeanne

      Haha, yeah, I felt like I was literally going to split in two after Anthony’s. Tartine might have been overkill. Actually, Anthony’s might have been overkill. Or maybe it was the extra food at Rosamunde’s. Or getting ice cream PER person at Humphry Slocombe (deliciously dangerous!)

  2. If I had a nickel for each time I came to pineapplebread.wordpress.com! Amazing writing!

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