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If you know me at all, you know that I’ve been longing for Spain and the food of Los Vascos (the Basque) since I returned Stateside in January.  So imagine my excitement and surprise when, soon after moving back to San Francisco, I heard of Txoko, a restaurant featuring Basque food!  Spanish Basque food!  (Usually the […]

Who can blame a girl who misses Spain for wanting some Spanish food?  P and I have been trying to recreate our own Spanish haven in San Francisco . . . to varying degrees of success.  The difficulty is finding a place with pintxos– because of health regulations, restaurants cannot have food sitting out on […]

Apologies are in order, I believe.  I have fallen impossibly behind in my posts on Europe.  I mean, since my last entry, I have: gone to Madrid (for the umpteenth time– luckily I did not break anything this time around) to explore the Reina Sofía, and to meet some awesome attorneys (waves!) eaten authentic paella […]

This story begins on the night of October 6.  My birthday.  This is where it all began.  [and yes, I am desperately trying to catch up . . . ] The picture you see above, where P is huddled on the ground with all of our luggage?  There is a similar one of me.  Just […]

There’s really nothing better to make your day than a care package from home. Especially if said care package happens to contain a bunch of Asian goodies that you really just can’t find in Spain.  Not without paying an arm and a leg, anyway.

Cabin Fever


I have a confession to make: I need to get out.  Freedom is calling my name, and I must heed its call! Yes, folks.  Cabin fever has struck (see the Wikipedia article on Cabin fever). Due to a lack of muletas (crutches), I have been unable to physically leave my apartment for the past three […]

One of the drinks that anyone who visits the Basque Country must try is  txakoli. Pronounced cha-kho-lee, this pale wine is actually a type of sidra, or cider.  The flavor can vary from very sweet, almost soda-like, to much more brut, with almost a hint of bitterness.  Some people love it, and others . . […]

I have many stories about Donostia-San Sebastián.  Many.  But, like many things that occur overseas, What happens in Rome (or, in this case, San Sebastián), stays in . . .  In this case it is especially applicable because our first trip to San Sebastián ultimately ended in heartbreak and tragedy when my camera and our […]

[Quick update:  I am back home in my little apartment in the Sarriko district of Bilbao.  The hospital, in its infinite kindness, only kept me bedridden for two nights after my surgery and finally sent me home in an ambulance.  The first time I ever ride an ambulance, and it’s in Spain . . .  […]

Greetings all! Unfortunately, my return entry into the food blogosphere is accompanied by less than happy news.   I am currently writing to you from the coziness of a hospital bed in the middle of Basque Country– Bilbao. What happened, you may ask?  Sigh.  Let me fill you in. Since the theft of my beloved DSLR […]