Recipe for a Perfect Morning


A Perfect Morning - With Coffee Waffle Lemon Curd (Topshot)

Woken up by a phone call (not so perfect, actually, I suppose).  But it was my mother, who was astonished that, for the first time in months, I was still asleep after 10:00 AM.  I was also pleasantly surprised.

I slowly crept around my room, quietly stretching out and becoming human again.  My door swung open quietly, and sunbeams rushed up to greet me, laughing and smiling.  My eyes, unused to such levity in the morning, hid briefly behind closed lids, seeking comfort.  But the warmth coaxed them forth, and I continued to the kitchen.

No one can ever complain to a shot of espresso in the morning.  Or two shots.  I made my own rendition of café con leche. A dollop of homemade lemon curd was spread vigorously over a formerly frozen (and now microwavably warm) waffle.  A light jazz beat played.  Warm cloth seats beckoned, and I curled my legs under me and grabbed my book and lost myself in the fairy tales of someone else’s mind.

It was, in essence, quite . . . perfect.

A Perfect Morning (waffle, coffee espresso, lemon curd)

(This was written a couple Sundays ago, but I think it’s still applicable, especially on a beautiful weekend like this one in San Francisco.)


One Response to “Recipe for a Perfect Morning”

  1. Beautiful, really pleasing on the eyes and I was going to say ears, but, you know, the words… 🙂
    Sounds perfect to me, too!
    Love lemon curd despite the grossness of the word ‘curd’ ! Lovely post.

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