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Long delayed photos from my trip to Taiwan in August 2011.  Buddha fruit, watermelons, bakery, city scenes in Taipei . . .(I’ve been having problems with wordpress handling my photos– I’m going to have to re-edit and resubmit them. ) Advertisements

Slip of the tongue there.  Iron Chef, indeed! I do miss watching that show, though.  It was great fun seeing two chefs go head to head and produce some fabulous dishes that I would probably never ever think of, much less be able to come up with in the span of 60 fast-ticking minutes! Man, […]

What you see in this photograph is a diabetes-friendly banana bread. Technically speaking, no one in my family has diabetes . . . yet.  But as my parents age, the danger is always there.  My father’s doctor has already warned him that he is at risk for Type II diabetes. So he has to watch […]

Since coming home, I’ve been trying to eat healthier.  Law school is not conducive to weight loss, and I’ve taken it upon myself to lose some law school flub in the next few weeks.  By eating several small meals a day and working out like a madwoman (I played tennis twice yesterday and ran/walked over […]

I put a little too much brandy in, I think.  Woozy from the fumes, really. I made this for a small competition for my school’s Korean American Law Students Association.  They had their end-of-year barbecue last week, and the second annual baking/dessert contest.  (I think) I got second place last year, so I figured I’d […]

When I was four years old, I was asked what my favorite food was in preschool.  My answer?  An emphatic: CATFISH.  I guess when we were living in Texas, it was one of the easier fish to get.  So my mom cooked it.  And I loved it. Well, since then, I haven’t had much catfish.  […]

Because there is no way for me to catch up, and because there is not that much to say (a picture is worth a thousand words, right?), I shall leave you with these shots of food I have eaten or made in the past several months. Enjoy! Tartine– I think I’m in love . . […]

This semester has passed by at an enormous rate.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was running around the beaches of Southern California like a carefree bird?  All of a sudden I found myself back in the brisk and breezy air of San Francisco, rushing from day to day to keep up with law school. […]



While studying for finals last semester, I spent most of my time in the Skyroom, which is the 24th floor of my apartment building. It has an amazing view and great furniture for studying on. I would head up as soon as it opened at 10:00 a.m., and I would stay there, swaddled in my […]

Cake! Cake! I win! This is my go-to recipe for… just about everything. It’s easy to make and popular with just about everyone. I love how it’s sweet and spongey and has a kick of sweet, lemon flavor from the syrup. As most of you know, I am in my first year of law school […]