Carnival Food (Straw, Hayes Valley, San Francisco)


Straw - Fried Chicken-n-Waffle Monte Cristo

It began with the sweet smell of funnel cake, wafting by and tantalizing my senses.  And, like a coquettish flirt who can’t resist, the titillating scent hooked and dragged me in.

Who can blame me?  Carnival food!  Who wouldn’t like it?  Deep fried, overly-sugared savory and sweetly decadent goodness!

It’s officially begun– my last round of finals!  I took the first of my rather brutal set of finals yesterday.  To celebrate our mushy brains that had so recently been ravaged by California Civil Procedure, my friends and I stumbled over to Hayes Valley for drinks and ended up at Straw, a restaurant with a carnival theme (it’s on Octavia St.).  I was completely enchanted.

Straw - Menu browsingStraw- Jarred Lighting What’s not to love?  The food, the decor, the atmosphere that is so reminiscent of fairgrounds from when I was a kid . . . It’s adorable and perfect. 

Straw-Sweet Potato Tots

Sweet potato tots.  YUM.  Hello, childhood!  Where have you disappeared to?  I have missed you!

Straw-A TotFour of us girls, brain fried from a day (or more) of finals.  And I think we made the best choice ever to wander out of the Tenderloin and into our childhood.

The mini fry-basket that the tots came out in was absolutely adorable.  I just wanted to tuck it in my purse and cart it home with me.  I wonder where they got them.

The sweet potato tots are a great idea, too.  The next time I make patatas bravas or something potato-ey, I think I might use sweet potatoes instead of regular ones.  There’s just something about the starchy sweetness that lends itself to something deep fried and bite sized.  Plus, these came with a blackberry barbecue sauce, which had the tangy barbecue flavor that was infused with a sweetness that could only be the blackberry.  Delicious!

I ordered the Fried Chicken-n-Waffle Monte Cristo (see below right).  I almost (read: not really at all) felt guilty.  It was like breakfast for dinner!!  How awesome.

Straw-Pulled Pork Sandwich Straw- Fried Chicken-n-Waffle Monte Cristo DELICIOUSNESSAHEM~~~ By the way (dearest East Coast readers, you should understand) a little dish that contained a golden condiment of some sort came with my sandwich . . .  and I thought it was vinegar to go with the fries!  My friends all laughed at me.  Vinegar?  Why would you put vinegar??

It’s an East Coast thing, I swear.

Anyway, turned out it was maple syrup for my waffle sandwich.  Aheh.  Oops.

I still say my confusion is justified.  Besides, West Coasters don’t know what Old Bay seasoning is either.  Come on, California!  Learn how to eat fries!

Ooh la la, I definitely want to go back at some point.


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