Reminiscing about Spain- Lalola, Bar de Tapas, in San Francisco


Lalola - Bar de TapasWho can blame a girl who misses Spain for wanting some Spanish food?  P and I have been trying to recreate our own Spanish haven in San Francisco . . . to varying degrees of success.  The difficulty is finding a place with pintxos– because of health regulations, restaurants cannot have food sitting out on countertops.

We tried B44 last time– which has excellent Catalunyan (from Barcelona) food.  This time, Lalola, the restaurant was more Castilian (from Madrid).  Both were delish!

Lalola - Gambas al ajillo (Garlic Pimenton Shrimp)(Above: Gambas al ajillo / Garlic Pimenton Shrimp)

P bought a coupon several months ago that gave us a deal– $40 worth of food for $20 at Lalola!  We ordered a lot of food and a bottle of wine.  And, as usual, I took copious pictures of food. (see below)

We got two tapas– shrimp and crab-stuffed peppers– and one racion (a larger, to-be-shared portion) of lamb chops and patatas bravas.
Lalola - Piquillos Rellenos / Crab-stuffed Piquillo Peppers with Bechamel & TomatoLalola - SilverwareWhen they brought out potato chips to go with our sangria (we ordered a bottle of wine later), I was super excited.  Never having liked potato chips in general before moving to Spain, P and I developed an addiction to potato chips to go with wine.  It’s a surprisingly good combination.  Much like kalimotxo (but that’s a story for another day . . . ).

Lalola - Sangria



Lalola has a tv set on a channel from Spain, and the waiters pronounce items with a Spanish accent, meaning Barcelona becomes “Bar-theh-lona” and racion becomes “ra-thi-on.”  LOVE it.

Lalola - MeLalola - PBut perhaps what made me happiest was being able to pretend, if only for a brief second, that I was back in Spain.  Te echo de menos, Espana! Quiero volver a ti~~~ (I miss you, Spain! I want to return to you~~~)


One Response to “Reminiscing about Spain- Lalola, Bar de Tapas, in San Francisco”

  1. OOOH! Beautiful pictures and it looks delightful! Jeanne, it’s my turn to guilt you about having a photo adventure without me… 😉 Let’s do one soon!

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