Ma’Velous Coffee


Mavelous Coffee - Owner Phillip Ma | Vacuum Brewers

Coffee coffee coffee.

What’s better than taking a coffee with a good friend on a chill San Francisco morning?  Taking the coffee at a place like Mavelous (

I’ve passed Mavelous countless times since it opened in 2010.  With it’s elegant yet chic decor, it’s a place that I always wanted to venture into, but until I started drinking coffee a year ago, I was too afraid to let my unconnossieur’d foot step through the door.  (Plus, I was a student and always in a rush to go from point A to point B to stop and smell the coffee.  Literally.)

So when I ran into a friend last week and he suggested we meet up and take a coffee at Mavelous to catch up on old times, I jumped at the chance.

I walked in this morning to see my friend, E, and the owner of Mavelous, Phillip, examining some framed artwork in preparation for a art show E’s putting on in a couple weeks.

[My friend and former classmate, E, is the artist for EHA Comics (  It’s really great and was published in the latest issue of the magazine, Hyphen (  Please check it out and support!!]

I’m always excited to meet the owner of an establishment.  Let me tell you– Phillip is awesomely nice and was kindly patient as we took photos and examined the menu.  He’s also quite knowledgeable about all things coffee.  I learned about civet coffee (also known as kopi luwak) today!  Dude– US$50 for a single glass of that coffee?  Reeeediculous!

In case you’re wondering, NO, I did not try civet coffee.  No, thank you.  Mavelous is the only place in town serving Stumptown coffee, so I had the Sumptown Guatemalan coffee.  It was delicious!  I usually add some milk when I take my coffee, but Sumptown was smooth and tasty and I found I didn’t really need or want to add milk (apologies: this is the extent of my vocabulary when it comes to describing coffee– “smooth” and “tasty”).

Mavelous Coffee - Pouring the Coffee | Vacuum Brewers

Mavelous serves coffee and wine– Can’t wait to go back soon so I can try their selection of wine.


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