Sunday Funday in the Castro


Bisou (Castro, San Francisco) - Club Sandwich

Sunday Funday, my friends, is dangerous.Sunday Funday in the Castro with the Boys (Girls?)

The Girls

Went out with some friends last weekend for my first ever Sunday Funday.

This was our itinerary:

  • Bisou— First stop @11.30 AM.  Bottomless mimosas.  An excellent club sandwich (see top photo).  Fun company!
  • Lookout SF— Stop two.  Seemed like everyone from Bisou decided to migrate over to Lookout.  Craziness ensues.  We lose two of our party (they couldn’t keep up and had to go home).
  • AG Ferrari— Stop three.  We  got a loaf of bread.  Onion spread.
  • Blush! Wine bar— Wine and meat and pate.  Craziness continues.
  • Dolores Park— Finally staggered over to the park and lay out in the grass lawn on a beautiful Sunday afternoon… And may or may not have rested our eyes for a brief period.

It was fun, it was crazy, and I definitely overindulged quite a bit.

Blush, Castro, San Francisco

It’ll be a while before I do another Sunday Funday, I think.  But it was definitely tons of fun!

(This post was fairly short, I know.  I’ll be posting again, soon.)


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