Frjtz– Hayes Valley, San Francisco


Frjtz - Frites in Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA Let’s be honest here.  Is there anyone on this planet who doesn’t like fries?  Show of hands please.  That’s right.  Everybody loves fries.

In December 2010, when P and I went to Brugge (Bruges), a quaint little town in Belgium of Colin Farrell’s In Bruges fame, we spent an entire evening searching for the frites (fries) places that were marked on our map.  Where was it?  The streets were named things like Wijngaardstraat and Minderbroedersstr.

It wasn’t until about half an hour of wandering around the freezing streets, feeling our toes and fingers turn to ice, that we realized . . . we were looking at a map of Bruxelles (Brussels) and not of Brugge (Bruges).  Oh, massive FAIL…


We finally found frites, aka fries in the US, and they were delicious.  They have some strange sauces to go with them, too.  The usual mayonnaise was offered, of course (yes, Europeans prefer mayo on their fries rather than ketchup), but there were some things like samurai sauce, and joppisauce.  P managed to find a jar of the samurai sauce and bring it back to the States.  Whoohoo!

Coming back to the U.S., we found that San Francisco has several locations of a restaurant called Frjtz, which makes Belgian fries.  Longing for Europe, P and I finally meandered over a couple days ago to the location in Hayes Valley.  It was good!  I personally prefer the fries in Belgium, but I can’t complain.

Especially if it looks this good:

Frjtz - Closeup of Frites in Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA


One Response to “Frjtz– Hayes Valley, San Francisco”

  1. 1 Ruby

    Duck fat fries, Jeanne. You need to try some of those. Because they are amazing and blow european frites out of the water.

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