Wanderlust in DC and Maryland


Driving home from our DC photoshoot (by Derk M)[Photo: me driving back from DC with brother Jon and friends Derick and James, photo by Derick]

This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.  Every since last summer, I really wanted to go on a trek across our nation’s capital and take copious pictures.  It would, I thought, be a great way to explore the city as well as get some practice in photography.

But I ran out of time and was never able to go on that summer photoshoot.  I vowed to do it at some point.  When I went home last month, I knew it would be the last time I’d be back on the East Coast for a long time, so I enlisted two buddies from college to join me: Derick and James.

((Go check out Derk’s tumblr: http://derkgs.tumblr.com/ He’s an amazing photographer, and I am constantly jealous of his skills.  The blog has more pictures from the photoshoot, some of which I have reposted here with his permission.))

Matchbox - Mozzi Carozzi (by Derk M)

Most of the photos you see in this post will be from Matchbox in Rockville, where we ate dinner that night.  See more photos below:The above photo is the Matchbox Mozzi Carozzi.

Photos from Dinner at Matchbox.
Nine little sliders, all in a rowMatchbox is known for their “3,6,9” sliders.  How could we resist the huge pile of onion rings on top of the cute little sliders?  Between the five of us (baby bro Jeff joined the fray for dinner), these did not last very long.

Matchbox Pizza (by Derk M)Derick’s pizza.

Figuring out drinks at Matchbox with James (by Derk M)Matchbox is super popular, so there was a very long wait for food.  But we decided we were too tired (read: lazy) to figure out where else to go.  So we just waited.  And in our boredom, James and I ordered ourselves some beer.  What else is one supposed to do after a cold day in Washington, DC?


Photos from the shoot in DC.

(All photos shot by Derk unless otherwise indicated.)

Me and my camera in the Hirshorn of Washington, DCThis was taken in my favorite museum: the Hirshorn.  Love love love the Hirshorn!

Jon and Me (by Derk M)

Jon and Me *roar!* (by Derk M)Tee hee!

The following are photos that I took:


Supermodel Jon (by Jeanne)Managed to capture my brother walking a supermodel walk from the ice skating rink in the sculpture garden.

Requisite photo of the Capitol of Washington, DC (by Jeanne)Requisite photo of my old haunt . . . The Capitol Building!

James in the Sculpture Garden (by Jeanne)James is trying something with his super-wide-angle lens.

Happy times with James, Derk, and Jon (by Jeanne)

The guys I managed to drag into DC with me: James, Derick, and Jon.

Thanks for coming on the photoshoot with me, guys!  It meant a lot to be able to hang out with you while I was home for those few days.  😀 (This photo is amazing purely for the fact that I actually managed to capture Derk’s face on camera for once!  :D)


One Response to “Wanderlust in DC and Maryland”

  1. 1 derk

    For the record:
    Your Food Photography > My Food Photography
    Also, my name appears so many times in this post… lol >_>;;

    Wow, Jon really IS doing a supermodel walk… I bet he’s been practicing. Secret passion revealed! What’s more awesome is that your perspective is about the same as most runway images I’ve seen… 😀

    I can’t believe you sniped me with your 50-250mm.. nicely done, jpoo…
    Thanks for inviting us out 🙂

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