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Flan!  Isn’t it beautiful?  Qúe delicioso! As P and I wandered Barcelona, we did not hold back.  If something looked delicious, we ate it.  This meant we were literally eating every couple steps.  Spanish food is good for the eyes, belly, and nose! The flan, above, was excellent.  But when I liked even better was […]

As I mentioned in my previous post, Barcelona was having a fiesta when we arrived that weekend (celebration of Catalonia, I believe).  This means that, like every other fiesta, all stores and places worth wandering into are closed.  But, lucky for you, I have created a formula for determining whether or not a shop is […]

I FOUND OBAMA!  In SPAIN! Ok, let me explain.  While wandering around Barcelona looking for some bars or tapas places to go to, we stumbled upon this gem. We asked the guy why it said “British Africa” under the name “Obama” because Obama is neither British nor African.  Weird.  But no complaints!

Where to start?  I’m finally in Spain, and I have had a grand total of ONE entry since arriving.  I could blame it on the lack of internet in my apartment (which, as of today, has finally been remedied!).  Or I could blame it on the Spanish mentality to take it easy and that anything […]