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My trip to Taiwan was amazing. Usually, trips back to Taiwan consist mostly of hanging out and eating with friends in Taipei.  This time, family was priority.  In exploring the village-grown-city of Longtan where my mother grew up, I learned a lot about my family and heritage.  For instance, I got to explore the elementary […]

I really didn’t like eggplant much as a kid.  I mean, come on!  A purple vegetable?  Gross!  That being said, I think a good part of my dislike of eggplant was the fact that I had only had poorly cooked, tough-skinned, American eggplant.  You know, the big, fat, bulbous, so-dark-the-purple’s-almost-black kind.  As I grew older, […]

When I was little, people used to ask me if ate “Chinese Food” at home. I’d recall the radioactive neon orange chicken from the local Chinese food joint and cringe slightly. No, definitely not. I didn’t know what I ate at home, but it wasn’t Chinese. But then I realized that I was wrong. There […]

[Note: Disney pictures will be up soon– I just have to sort through all 500+ of them first…] Because the maternal head of household was busy carting the youngest brother to volunteer work last night, dinner was prepared by yours truly. I decided to make a pasta as the main course of our dinner menu, […]