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Happy New Year! I still have a huge backlog of pictures sitting on my hard drive and camera, waiting to be posted.  I might just make the next few entries picture-only, with minimal text, just to get it all out. But today, my friends, I give you a recipe! 😀 To be quite honest with […]

Being away from home for the first time during the Lunar New Year, I found a way to celebrate simply with several of my closest friends. I cooked! (Surprise…) Year of the Ox Lunar New Year Dinner Party – Menu Feta-cheese Stuffed Mushrooms Stir fried Broccoli Caesar Salad Braised Salmon Fried Nian Gao The favorites […]

I’m actually not sure how I made this anymore. I know I had gone to eat Chinese (or some other Asian) food the night before, and thus had leftover fried rice in my fridge, waiting and beckoning to me. At the time I made this (August 24, 2008– yes, I’m THAT behind on my posts), […]