002It’s been so long since I’ve made any bentos, hasn’t it? But when finals started and I began to study in the Skyroom (the 24th floor of my apartment building, which has an amazing 360 view of San Francisco), it was just easier to make a brief lunch and lug it upstairs where I had my papers and books spread all over all three chairs and table surrounding the one I was sitting on. I’ll admit it – I was a slob. But when one has to study, one must do what one can to shove as much information into one’s skull as possible!

I actually ate very well during finals. That coupled with sitting on my butt poring over my books for ten hours a day for three weeks does not bode well for my body mass index. I will be going to the doctor tomorrow and I dread stepping on that scale and finding out how much I weigh. If all the posts for the next couple months are suddenly super-healthy and low-cal or low-fat, you’ll know why.

That said– I am done with my first year of law school! Time to CELEBRATE!

Further news – I am moving to Irvine, CA, for the summer to work. Wish me luck, everyone!

(PS: the bento you see to your left contains chicken curry and sauteed green peas from my local farmer’s market.)



One Response to “Bento”

  1. Such a beautiful bento, and a beautiful photograph!!

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