Of Care Packages and Things


Care Package from the United StatesThere’s really nothing better to make your day than a care package from home.

Especially if said care package happens to contain a bunch of Asian goodies that you really just can’t find in Spain.  Not without paying an arm and a leg, anyway.

My mother, upon hearing about my broken ankle, originally wanted to visit me in Spain.  But my father, practical man that he is, told my mother that, with the level of her Spanish (read: nonexistent– I don’t think she knows what “Hola” means), she might not actually be able to make it all the way to Bilbao.

So instead of risking my mother becoming permanently lost in Europe, my parents sent me a care package.  It arrived this morning.  Stuffed with goodies.  Included are the following:

  • The essentials:
    • Two pairs of sweatpants (so that I could have pants to wear that my broken leg might actually be able to fit in)
    • Two packets of floss (one for me, one for P)
    • Two bars of soap
    • One bottle of contact solution
  • The food– as anyone who lives in Basque country may have already discovered, it is obscenely difficult to get Asian food here.  This was epic:
    • Three different packets of Asian pickled fruit from Aji Ichiban
    • One packet of dried mangoes, also from Aji Ichiban
    • Two large packs of Golden Curry (Ah!  Love!)
    • One large cube of wintermelon sugar and Two packets of Agar agar (to make my favorite jello in the world)
    • A ziplock bag full of Asian prunes
    • Handful upon handful of my favorite– Green tea
  • The awesome:
    • Halloween candy!  (Included: Airheads, Skittles– regular and fizzy!, Halloween pretzals, and . . . a whole assortment of stuff that my brothers probably picked up but got shipped to me instead of finding a home in their bellies!  HA!)

😀  Family sure knows how to make a girl stuck with a bum leg feel better.  Love you guys!

2 Responses to “Of Care Packages and Things”

  1. I got a Halloween package two weeks ago, with Reese’s cup! I love love love peanut butter. I am dying to get to Basque Country!! I want to do a little time in France and a little time in Spain. Any recs??

    • Definitely come to Basque country if you get a chance! If you’re looking for peanut butter, though, don’t look in Spain. There isn’t any. 😀

      If you do come to Basque country, then of course you must go try the pintxos in San Sebastian and Bilbao (as well as go to the Guggenheim in Bilbao!). You should definitely try to make it Barcelona and Madrid, as well. 😀

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