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Come out and support my friend, E, as he launches his booklet!  In my last post, I met with E at a coffeeshop (slash-winebar) called Ma’Velous, where he was setting out and planning the layout for his upcoming show and fundraiser. The event is co-hosted by Sidewalk Empire ( and HYPHEN Magazine (  There’s a […]

I’m a simple girl, really.  Give me a slice of panforte from Tartine and a steaming hot, rich espresso, and I am content.  Christmas morning was quiet.  Simple.  Delicious. (I want to post more and allow people to enjoy my food with me– which may mean entries that are out of order chronologically, depending on […]

Not much to say, except life in the last few days of law school have been unbelievably busy. 

This may seem a bit astonishing to some of your coffee addicts out there, but I managed to make it through nearly a quarter century without imbibing that morning poison that everyone else seems to be addicted to.  That’s right, coffee. The reason for my long abstinence from coffee stems from learning about taste buds […]