Study Break: Moroccan (Aicha, Polk Street, San Francisco)


Aicha - Grilled Merguez and Kefta Tangine

I was in the library for ten straight hours yesterday.  Today, it was seven hours.  If this trend continues, by the end of the week, I will have spent more hours in the library over the course of this week than I have all 3L year.  Maybe all of 2L year.

What that says about my study habits, I leave up to you.

So yesterday, a day of constitutional law (and a dabble of professional responsibility) later, I emerged, grungy, exhausted, and starving.

My friend P and I have an arrangement to eat at least one meal together a week– we keep each other sane, reminisce about happier days, and try not to talk about studying for the bar too much.  (To varying degrees of success.  My life is 100% bar study, so there really isn’t much else going on in my life.)

So yesterday, we dropped off our books, tried to look semi-presentable, and hiked up Polk Street to get Moroccan food at Aicha.

P taking photos of our foodWe were supposed to go to Morocco together last fall, but, days before our flight, I broke my ankle, so P went without me.  She came back with stories of the maze-like souks, insanely aggressive salesmen and child beggars, and food to die for.

She also brought back a pair of, shall we say, colorful pants for me.  They are, indeed, an entirely different story.  One that should probably have its own post.  Maybe.

I’ll think about it.

Anyway, it was a retaliatory gift in response to what I got her for her birthday from a shop in Madrid.  Also a story.  Maybe I’ll write about them some day.


The food at Aicha is pretty good.  I’m not sure why, but it was rather empty on a Thursday night.  No complaints.  We got our food quickly, and it was tasty.  Definitely a good break.

And the lighting was perfect for photos.  P busted out her new Holga flash (hooked up to her DSLR with her Holga lens?!  Whaaat, I totally did not know you could do that!  So.  Cool.), and I busted out my trusty camera.  It isn’t a meal with me until you’ve taken copious photos of the food.

Then, we ate.


2 Responses to “Study Break: Moroccan (Aicha, Polk Street, San Francisco)”

  1. 1 Yvo

    Nom nom nom!!! Btw, sorry I didn’t say hello at the library!! Matt and Kevin later told me that you, D, and Tiffany were just tables away. I was doing a PT and trying to focus…and I also think I’ll qualify for Lasik by the end of this month. Lol, love the pictures, J!

    • 2 Jeanne

      actually, it was vanessa. 🙂 we were doing a PT, too. wheeee… wasn’t it fun?! i already know my eyesight is shot. and getting worse. so sad.

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