Of coffee, finals, and things


Coffee Time (read: finals and papers and studying)

Not much to say, except life in the last few days of law school have been unbelievably busy.  It is exciting and scary to discover that I have two days of class and a few weeks of finals left.

I’ve spent the past three years on an intense journey.  Law school has been the most painfully eye-opening experience; there have been highs and lows like nobody’s business, and for everything I’ve learned and gained, I have lost something, too.  My writing, my poetry, my art– they’ve fallen by the wayside, left to rot in some dusty corner of my brain as legal terms and staunch practicality brutally invade and grab hold of my thoughts, my feelings, and my priorities.  Sometimes I wonder if it has been worth it.  But then I look at the friends I’ve made, the things I’ve learned about myself and of the law and otherwise that I can now put to good use, and I suppose it has not been all bad.

From the naive excitement of my first day as a 1L to the pained days of my overcommitted 2L semesters to my sheer happiness in Europe and the withdrawal process upon my return, I can say I know myself a little bit better.  It has definitely been one long phase of self-discovery.  🙂

I can’t promise I will update often in the coming months as I hunker down to study for finals and then the Bar.  But please do check out my new tumblr (Dreaming in Technicolor); it’s where I post my photography.

To those of you in the same boat as me and are facing finals (and, for many of you, the Bar): Best of luck.  Know that even if I don’t show it sometimes, I love you, support you, and wish you the best.   Besos~

[Edit: for Yvo– the coffee in the picture is instant coffee (sad, I know!) that I make at home. Just really enjoyed the pattern swirling on top and decided to photograph it.]


2 Responses to “Of coffee, finals, and things”

  1. 1 xoxoyvo

    Where’s the bit about coffee?! Still waiting til the day you turn into a coffee snob so we can be snobs together! 🙂

    • Hahaha… I’m already a snob in so many other things, should I become a coffee snob?! But as you can see, my coffee is instant. Totally un-snob. And my quest shall always be for cafe con leche from Spain . . .

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