Coffee and crème brûlée


A failed café con leche (at least I tried, right?)This may seem a bit astonishing to some of your coffee addicts out there, but I managed to make it through nearly a quarter century without imbibing that morning poison that everyone else seems to be addicted to.  That’s right, coffee.

The reason for my long abstinence from coffee stems from learning about taste buds in the second grade.  That is to say, “bitter” to a seven year old is not in the least pleasant and, clearly, leaves a lasting impression.

Four years of an intense high school career and a subsequent four years of undergraduate studies surrounded by friends who made it a habit to go to Starbucks at least twice a day. Then I moved to San Francisco for law school, and classmates often opted for Blue Bottle Coffee, a local chain.

Since then, I’ve learned to develop a taste for coffee.  In the mornings, it’s nice to have a hot drink to warm me up from the inside out, especially in light of the recent freezing temperatures here in San Francisco.  (My windows are leakier than the Wikileaks, and so you can imagine all the SF cold blows straight in and destroys what little heat I can get from my heater.  So I spent half an hour yesterday stuffing all the cracks with paper towels.  Jeanne ghetto-style FTW!)

I still don’t understand the people who frequent expensive coffeeshops.  Considering how some of those drinks are over $5, the thrifty Asian in me (read: super cheap) just cannot justify that amount.  I’d rather spend that $5 or $10 on something better . . .  like good food!

Like . . . crème brûlée!

Stumbling upon the crème brûlée truck on Market Street, SF

I stumbled upon this little cart on Market Street one day after I decided to go on a walk to get acquainted with my new Canon Rebel T1i and its lenses.It was just a cart, sitting there.  Quiet and unassuming and with a few people lined up in front.  Then it caught my eye: crème brûlée?!


So, despite knowing that I would be spending a great deal of my loan money that night on a dinner for Dine About Town with a couple girlfriends, I forked over the $4 for the crème brûlée.  😀  What a good idea.  I don’t know that crème brûlée as a popular street food would ever quite take off because it is a little bit expensive and needs to be eaten right away before the sugar melts into a goopy, syrupy mess (the moisture inside causes it to dissolve if you leave it too long like I did).  But it was quite refreshing, and would be the perfect accompaniment to a good coffee on a Sunday afternoon like today . . .

Speaking of coffee, I am still on the hunt for a good café con leche.  Literally translated as coffee with milk, this drink is similar to a capuccino, although possibly not as frothy.  In Spain, this was the drink of choice 2 to 3 times a day, as people would “take a coffee” and chat, eat, and be merry.  I miss it dreadfully, and if any of my readers know where in San Francisco one might be able to obtain said café drink, I would be forever indebted to you!

[[PS, to those of you who are my classmates in law school, I know that you know that I have two midterms, a negotiation, and the multistate professional responsibility exam this coming week.  And I know that you’re probably wondering why Crazy-Girl is wasting her time updating Pineapple Bread, right?  Well, everyone has to have a break, and if mine happens to be drinking coffee and wishing that I wasn’t studying for any exams, well…!  … fine fine, I am a slacker.  And now, I will go back to my hole and study now.  Bye, loves!]]

2 Responses to “Coffee and crème brûlée”

  1. 1 C_Blakeley

    I admire your post on coffee because I did something similar to that a few days or so ago. I NEVER drink coffee, and up until one day last week, I had one cup, and I will probably never have one again. 🙂

    • Hahha… never say never! 😀 I have coffee nearly every day now (sigh), but it’s kind of a nice to have a warm beverage in the morning. I just miss Spanish coffee… 😀

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