Healthy blueberry and honey and yogurt


Blueberry honey yogurtI would not say that I’m particularly healthy.  Goodness knows that the pounds of fatty iberian ham I stuffed down my gullet in Spain is proof of that.  But sometimes a healthy streak kicks in, and I eat healthy enough to impress even the healthiest health freak!

So I present to you . . . healthy yogurt.  And fruit.  And a little bit of honey.

Yogurt and Fruit


  • blue berries, washed
  • fruit cut into bite sizes
  • 1/2 cup of plain yogurt
  • generous 1-2 tbsp of honey


Mix.  Eat.

And that’s it.  😀

(It can be eaten as breakfast, as a snack, etc.  I had it for breakfast here, but it’s healthy enough to be eaten at any time!)


3 Responses to “Healthy blueberry and honey and yogurt”

  1. Blueberry and Honey, Yummy!


  2. 2 Sophia

    What kind of yogurt did you use?

    • Just plain yogurt. I figure if I’m putting other things in it, I might as well start with a plain background and jazz it up with honey, fruit, etc. 😀

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