Tales of Spain: A flan, a flan, my kingdom for a flan! (and other miscellaneous eats in Barcelona; read: Paella!)


Flan in Barcelona, SpainFlan!  Isn’t it beautiful?  Qúe delicioso!

As P and I wandered Barcelona, we did not hold back.  If something looked delicious, we ate it.  This meant we were literally eating every couple steps.  Spanish food is good for the eyes, belly, and nose!

The flan, above, was excellent.  But when I liked even better was the whipped creme.  It was not your normal from-a-can Reddi-Whip.  No, it was thick, flavorful, and sweet.  A substantial part of the dessert rather than a pretty afterthought to top off a decadent dulce.

And, for us, it was the perfect pre-lunch snack. And yes, I said pre-lunch. 😀

This is why I love España.

Paella Excursions–

Later, we headed to the coast to find paella per the recommendation of a friend.  Not sure which restaurant to go to or where to even start, we asked a tourist information stand guy for recommendations.  He told us to go to El Rey de las Gambas, then pointed us in its general direction.  Thanking him, we headed off, abuzz about our pending paella.

But when we rounded the corner, we felt a bit lost.  So, following our earlier mantra to ask the locals, we tapped on the window of a stopped police car.  Two policemen rolled down the window and smiled up at us.  Err, ¿Dónde está El Rey de las Gambas? Where is The King of the Shrimp? The guy behind the wheel was about to point us towards it, but his partner wrinkled his nose and said, Ay no, it´s too touristy! Don’t go there!

So, having vetoed our original (and only) lead for paella, they wrote down two alternatives.  Better, they said, and less touristy.  Excellent!  This is why I love asking Spanish locals for advice.  They know what’s up.

The paper they gave to me had the following two options written on it:

  • El Dique
  • Can Manel

P and I said our thanks, waved, and headed down the boardwalk.  El Dique was the first of the restaurants we found, and we marched in.

Paella on the Barcelona CoastEgads, it was huge.

But we finished it.

ALL of it.

😀  And then we went and lay our engorged bellies on the beach.  Ah, the Mediterranean.

2 Responses to “Tales of Spain: A flan, a flan, my kingdom for a flan! (and other miscellaneous eats in Barcelona; read: Paella!)”

  1. 1 Carol Harant

    FLAN … my favorite! What a great picture ~ I’m salivating. Have a wonderful time eating your way through Spain!

  2. My friend and I once wanted to make a band dedicated to flan songs. That’s how much we loved flan.

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