Tales of Spain: Sitting with Obama in Barcelona


Obama: British Africa, in Barcelona, SpainI FOUND OBAMA!  In SPAIN!

Ok, let me explain.  While wandering around Barcelona looking for some bars or tapas places to go to, we stumbled upon this gem.

We asked the guy why it said “British Africa” under the name “Obama” because Obama is neither British nor African.  Weird.  But no complaints!

And, of course, when we went in (because as proud Americans, we really did have to see what all this was about– plus the place was poppin’!), we found Obama sitting there, smiling proudly.  Amongst some American tourists, no less!

So we joined in and took a picture with him, as well.

P and me, cheesing with President Obama in Barcelona, SpainYeah.  Don’t be jealous.  😀

2 Responses to “Tales of Spain: Sitting with Obama in Barcelona”

  1. Obama and I are best chums now 😀

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