Thunderstorm in Maryland one wee, early morning

I don’t know if any of you have been following the news on the weather in the DC area (chances are if you’re not from DC, you could care less about our weather), but if you have, you’ll know that the weather has been pretty horrible.  Thunderstorms have been sweeping through the area, and while it has pretty much wiped out the heat wave from weeks earlier (it was hovering in the 100’s for about a week in July), I know friends, family, and coworkers who are now dealing with major power outages and leaks.

Luckily for me, my family’s house is old, decrepit, and in an area where many of the power lines are underground, so we don’t get so many of the problems that plague younger homes.  We’ve also had a decade and a half of time to fix most of the major issues that may affect a homeowner newer to the area.  I think it’s funny that I can talk shop with my coworkers about their homes despite the fact that I am several years younger and definitely not a homeowner– they’re speaking from recent experience; I’m speaking from watching my parents having dealt with similar problems in the past (distant past, now, since most of the problems with our house surfaced at least a decade ago– our main problem now remains the stinkbugs, but we’re in the midst of addressing that problem by changing our windows).

Ah, but one of the things I really miss about the East Coast when I’m in California are the thunderstorms.  There’s really nothing more satisfying than seeing Mother Nature get angry, lash out at the world, and then calm right back down again.  I feel like I experience her emotions, by proxy, through the violent anger of her thunderstorms . . . Although I was a bit annoyed yesterday when thunderclaps woke me at 6am.  Frustrated and unable to sleep again, I snapped a few pictures, including the one above.

By the by, my limoncello is going to be transforming later tonight or early tomorrow!  Wish me luck!  😀

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  1. 1 Jing

    how was the limoncello?

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