Limoncello (Sweet lemon-flavored vodka/alcohol) – part I


A batch of limoncello (made with organic vodka) waits patiently on my windowsillI’m not sure when I developed this craving for limoncello, but sometime last week I felt the irresistible urge to buy lemons and vodka (couldn’t find Everclear– maybe next time).

[I still have ten lemons sitting, peeled and naked, in a bowl.  I’m not really sure what to do with them right now.  I suppose when life finally hands you lemons– no matter how desperately you searched for them– you should make lemonade.]

It’s a fairly straightforward recipe.  They are all basically the same, with a varying number of lemons, percentage of sugar, etc.

Since I haven’t started making the syrup yet, though, I’ll just show you what I’ve done so far:

After washing and scrubbing each one thoroughly, I peeled ten (10) lemons with a peeler, taking care to avoid the bitter, white pith.  It took me ~2 hours to slowly make my way through the ten lemons.  The quality of my lemons weren’t great, and their skins were rather thin, which made it a lot harder.  I would suggest finding thick-skinned, aromatic lemons to make your limoncello with, if only to save you the backache of slowly peeling them.

Luckily, I had a few episodes of Leverage on my computer, so I watched that while peeling.

After I finished, I dumped all the pith-less peels into a glass jar and poured a bottle (750ml) 80-proof vodka (I used Rain, an organic vodka) slowly over the yellow peelings.  Ok, maaaybe it was less than 750ml because maaaybe my brother, father, and I took vodka shots together.  Heh.


Regardless of how much of the vodka actually made it into the jar, suffice it to say there was enough to cover the peelings and then some.  I swirled the mixture a bit, and closed the whole jar with its lid.

Then . . .

You wait.

. . .

Deer eating an apple in my backyard

Then you can watch as a deer comes into your backyard and starts nibbling at fallen apples from your tree.

*twiddle thumbs*

Ok, might as well stop hanging around now.  The limoncello needs to sit and marinate in the alcohol for at least 4 days (preferably for a much longer time– somewhere in the ballpark of 80 days is preferred by old recipes, but I don’t have that much time, so I’m shortening the wait period to 4 days).  So just put a sign on it, and leave it.

Like thus:

Limoncello - Open this jar of vodka and lemons on FridaySee you then.

3 Responses to “Limoncello (Sweet lemon-flavored vodka/alcohol) – part I”

  1. I had this when I was in Italy and fell in love with it, it looks really hard to make but you did a great job 😀

    • It’s actually pretty simple to make– it just takes a ton of time and patience! 😀 And lots of lemons. Haha!

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