Happy (Post) Easter!


Belated, I know.  Super belated.

I’ve never been good about being on time for these things.  Although I will confess that I had been thinking about painting eggs for some time.  They didn’t come out the way I wanted, though.

I guess some of them came out ok.  I had fun, anyway.

A few friends came over and we had a simple but tasty Easter dinner:

With mimosas (on doctor’s orders, I needed to get a champagne bottle to help with one of my stretches, and so I figured I’d use the opportunity to make mimosas) and beef and potatoes and bibimbap and deliciousness abounding, it was quite a feast.

Afterward, we had a decadent dessert of banana cream pie.  My friend who made it, Sara, will be doing a guest post on it soon.

After stuffing our faces, we had fun making eggs.  I gave up on the iridescence after a few eggs– it was messy, and my idiotic choice of using brown eggs made it hard to see the colors.  So I opted instead to make these:

Pretty, no? 😀

And, in the spirit of law school, I made a last one:


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