Happy Holidays from the Air!


Isn’t this pretty?  I took it on my airplane on flight from home back to SF in October this year.

I was planning to post about food, but I just wanted to write about my current [AWESOME] situation.  Specifically–> the fact that I am sitting in a jet plane 35,280 feet in the air and 2190 miles from Washington, D.C., right now.  And by right now, I mean, literally right now.

It’s kind of super awesome.  Maybe I’m excited by little things, but having free access to the internet while traveling home is kind of fun.  (It’s bad in the sense that I should be sleeping during this red eye, but great in that I am totally able to waste time surfing the web instead of writing my last term paper, which is due Friday.)  In any case, Virgin America is pairing up with Google to provide its customers with free wifi on its flights from now until January 15.  Cool?  Definitely!  Yay!

Anyway, I just endured a grueling period of second year law school finals.  I have no idea how I did, (and, technically, I am not done yet because of that last paper for my Law and Bioscience class) but at this very moment, floating thousands of feet in the air, I feel free, free, FREE!

That being said, I should probably take a nap so I can get a head start on the day when I land in Virginia at 5:45 a.m.

And with that, I leave you all with a teaser of what my next entry will be about.



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