Banananananana! Na! Na!


You know how sometimes there are just those mornings when all you want is a pancake?

I had one of those mornings last week.  So I made pancakes.

I just happened to have flour (ok, so that’s not surprising– I always have flour), eggs, sugar, etc. Actually what I did have that I don’t always have was milk.

Milk.  This is important, people.  My lecture of the day.


My doctor told me that women are much more susceptible to osteoporosis (the loss of calcium from the bones) than men because of our monthly gift from nature (oh joy).  And then he went on to tell me that Asian women– especially ones of the smaller, more petite variety– are even more susceptible than usual.  So on my very first appointment with him, he recommended that if I wasn’t drinking milk regularly to go out and buy calcium tablets and eat them twice a day.

Yessir, I see your call and raise!

I one-upped him.

How?  I started drinking milk again.  I hated drinking milk as a kid, and the only reason I drank it every day for breakfast was because my mother forced me.  I developed a technique of chugging the entire glass within ten seconds while holding my breath so I wouldn’t have to taste it.  Childish, I know.

Then, when I ran off to college, I stopped drinking milk altogether.  I disliked American soy milk, and regular milk was just too gross by my standards.  So for half a decade I avoided drinking milk like the plague.

But when the doctor orders more calcium in my diet, I heed his call.  And so now I drink milk again.

And my doctor was quite proud of me.  The next time I saw him, it was really great to see him break out in such a huge smile and say, “That’s the best thing I’ve ever heard anyone say!”

I feel proud.


That being said, if you’re interested in making these pancakes, I’ve made them before, and the recipe is here: Banana Pancaker.  I made this batch with a little bit of rice flour added in, but I don’t think there was enough to make a difference.


I just happened to have flour (ok, so that’s not surprising–<em> </em>I <em>always</em> have flour), eggs, sugar, etc.  Actually what I did have that I don’t always have was <em>milk</em>.

5 Responses to “Banananananana! Na! Na!”

  1. You don’t really need milk, a lot of people get calcium from soups (you know they boil bones and stuff), and really dark leafy greens as well as getting enough vitamin D from the sun to absorb it. Or from eating the cartiledge from the meat, or sometimes fish (with bone) like sardines, smelt, etc. who’s bones are very tender when cooked or fried. Also a good supplement to.

    My boyfriends veitnamese they don’t really drink milk but consume soups made with bones, beef ribs, pork ribs, chicken, etc., fish, and dark leafy greens.

    I knew this Cantonese woman my mom used to work for she had pork bone soup all the time. (she boiled pork bones in a pot of water with soy sauce, msg, and some salt and added lots of largely chopped onions it was yummy)

    • 2 Jeanne

      Hi Nathan– I actually don’t mind drinking milk so much any more. The palate and taste buds change every seven years, I’ve heard, and apparently mine has become much more tolerant of milk. Or maybe it’s the nostalgia of my childhood that’s coming back to me.

      In any case– I know there are plenty of other things that provide calcium, but drinking milk beats taking calcium tablets/supplements any day! I actually love yogurt and cheese. But milk is cheaper (and more versatile, since I can use it to bake) than the other two. Which reminds me– I have to finish off my yogurt soon . . .

  2. Though I do drink milk or have dairy everyday lol. usually I have it in shakes and smoothies, or when I snack on cheese and fruit, or yoghurt and I love milk with certain sweets. But yeah don’t torture yourself if you don’t like it don’t drink it 🙂

  3. 4 Sandra

    Pancakes! I made pancakes too this weekend, but sourdough (some blueberry/some plain). You are a nuch better person than I am, I still can’t drink milk plain. It has to be (in small quantities) in coffee, in hot chocolate, or in tea, and it has to be the most skim milk there is. Taiwan ruined milk for me forever, haha.

  4. 5 Mike

    I got excited when I saw scallops in your pancakes. Then i realized they were just banannas

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