The Great Battle: In-N-Out or Five Guys??


019Ok, so you know it had to come down to this at some point, right?  I am originally from the East Coast, but now I’m living on the West Coast.  When I first moved out here and people found out how much I love to eat, the first thing I people asked was “Oh, have you tried In-N-Out yet?

Answer: Yes.

And then, when I meet people who have been to the East Coast for a somewhat prolonged period of time, I get asked, “Which do you like better, In-N-Out or Five Guys?”  Then I am faced with a pair (or several pairs) of wide-eyed spectators, waiting eagerly for my answer.  The person asking is almost invariably a Californian, and they usually try to answer their own question with a quick “In-N-Out, right?  Of course, In-N-Out!” (By the way, why do people like to ask these questions and then answer for me as if they already know my answer? Oh, but that’s a rant for another day.)

Whoops.  This may be blasphemous (and detrimental to my online career), but sorry to disappoint In-N-Out fans, but . . .

I love Five Guys.

011This means a lot, coming from me.  I’m not a huge steak person, and I am definitely not a huge burgers fan.  At barbecues, I skip the burgers and go straight for the hotdogs.  Now, this is not to say I don’t like In-N-Out.  I do!  I can see the appeal of both, but when it comes to preferences, Five Guys wins me over every time.  The ability to choose from a ton of great toppings (onions, mushrooms, various sauces, pickles, peppers, etc.) without having to think about some “secret menu” for a juicy, savory burger topped with a slice of melted cheese . . .

‘Scuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard.

So when I flew home for a self-declared holiday in mid-October, the one thing I wanted to eat was, of course, Five Guys!  I got home late Wednesday night (or in the wee hours of Thursday morning, whichever you prefer) on October 14, and when I went to pick up my brother on Friday from College Park, we headed right over to the College Park Five Guys across the street from the school to satisfy my craving.

022Not only that, but the fries.  I am a SUCKER for carbs.  Especially french fries.  Especially steak fries.  I think that’s the main beef I have with In-N-Out (pun intended, of course): their fries suck.  I discovered “well-done” In-N-Out fries this past summer while working in Irvine, and their crispiness helped their case somewhat, but what really makes me happy are thick, salty fries (see picture to the left).

What you see is a “small” order.  They take a 16 oz. styrofoam cup, fill it to the brim with fries, then add another scoop of fries just as they put the whole cup into a large, brown paper bag, filling half the bag in one go.  It really isn’t so much a “small” as it is a helping for a “small” giant.  Or for three people:  my brothers and me. I can’t even imagine how many fries a large would bring.

By the way!  How is it that people on the West Coast have never heard of Old Bay seasoning?  Or Boardwalk Fries?  How do they live?  How?

Ah well.

One last thing about Five Guys before I go and cry because there isn’t one in San Francisco: they give away peanuts.  Salted, unshelled, free peanuts.  Before I went to pick up my brother, my parents asked me to bring back some peanuts for them.  So I did.  An entire bagful.






(Disclaimer: I am in no way saying that In-N-Out is not good.  It is.  If you have not been to In-N-Out, please take the opportunity to go and try it and decide for yourself.  Five Guys is just better, is all I’m saying.)


5 Responses to “The Great Battle: In-N-Out or Five Guys??”

  1. 1 Debby

    110% in agreement. 😀

  2. 2 Mike

    Five Guys hands down. 2 years ago, I was in San Fran and was so curious about In-N-Out I left my hotel room in the middle of the night got on the trolly somewhere on Market Street and took it all the way to the wharf so I could get my In-N-Out. This was the night before my flight back mind you.

    In my opinion the beef and patty just aren’t as good. Its like comparing a Big Mac to a Whopper. Whopper wins on taste.

    Just in case it was a fluke, I tried it again in LA this summer. Five Guys still wins.

    If you want to pay $5 more, then you have to try Umami Burger. Best gourmet burger in the world. It will blow your mind. I think this is all part of a blog post I owe Jeanne. haha

  3. So they opened a five guys in Seattle recently and I just came back from there. I remembered this blog post so I must comment now. Five guys is too expensive compared to in-n-out. The free peanuts was weird too. For me personally, I am biased towards drunken CJ’s at 2 AM.

  4. I just don’t get the whole fascination with in ‘n out. The patties are nothing amazing, some of the specialty burgers are apparently pretty good (I like my burgers pretty straightforward, with cheese, lettuce, and mayo only–nice and healthy). It’s sort of like the fixation a lot of people in the northeast have with sonic, which they’ve probably only had once in a while, when on vacation. The actual essentials aren’t very good. The only thing I like about it are the fountain sodas. I think they may just be practicing religion brainwashing starting with the food. Soon the entire west coast will be all evangelical and everyone will take sunday off, like Chik-fil-A.

    Sometimes 5 guys overcooks their fries, but the burgers themselves still beat just about any fast food place other than perhaps North Carolina’s “Cookout.” Now there’s a chain I wish would spread its franchisement tentacles.

  1. 1 Namu, Taylor’s, and Rotunda, OH MY! | Pineapplebread

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