Exploring SoCal – Irvine, CA


008I actually didn’t cook all that much when I was in Irvine.  I spent most of my day at work, and by the time I got back from work I was too pooped to make anything other than my regular stuff.  Plus it’s super hard to cook for one and not cook too much.  The frustrations of cooking for one are such that I stopped putting a lot of effort into cooking.

The dish you see in this picture is actually Spanish Mackeral.  Tasty!  I added too much salt, so it was a bit too salty, but I still enjoyed it!

017I did try something new towards the end: 釜飯 (kamameshi)!  Delicious!  I don’t know how to translate it from Japanese to English, but it’s basically rice with lots of different veggies, mushrooms, and meat mixed in.  I cooked the rice with a packet of different beans and grains (for fiber) and then after the rice was done, I mixed in a kamameshi mix of mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and other Japanese yummy goodness!

I loved it.  Next time, I’ll make it from scratch.

In the meantime?  I am back in San Francisco (cold and windy), and you know what?  I miss the beach . . .

035(Laguna Beach)


2 Responses to “Exploring SoCal – Irvine, CA”

  1. 1 Jing

    oh I totally want to visit you. SF/Napa looks like the most amazing experience!

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