Post-Finals Stuffage of the Faces


[Catching up on a backlog of images – please bear with me!]

One might as, “What do people do the moment they finish up their first year of law school?” Well let me tell you.


If you’re like me, then you go out to Ross, buy 12 wine glasses for $13, and the moment finals are over, you head out with a bunch of friends and buy wine! (My friend also busted out some dessert wine she had bought in France too, a Monbazillac. Reflet d’Or. Delicious!) Then you eat! And drink! And be MERRY!

Once all the fun is over, however, people start moving out. Some return home to work in their local areas (LA, OC, SD, SJ), while others migrate a little bit farther (a bunch of people are abroad this summer). What this means for the people left behind is FREE STUFF! Oh, how amazing. I managed to get some desperately needed free shoe racks plus a new place to store food. Plus free food! Kimchi, cereal, rice, canned meat, sauces . . . etc. It was pretty snazzy.

And for once, I wasn’t the one cooking! Is that astonishing? Maybe. Usually the case is like tonight: while sitting in In-N-Out with my friend Yvonne, she declared that we needed to have a potluck party . . . in which I prepare all the food. Haha. So having someone else cook for me is quite a treat.

First treat. The night before my friend, Tommy, was to fly back down to LA, he gave me a bunch of his food. He also cooked for me! (I baked a cake, too, but I have no pictures of that).

052Here’s Tommy sauteeing chicken pate and diced onion.

054It’s really easy to make. You add some kimchi so it’s got a kick, and then you top it over rice.




Dinner number 2. Sara. My walking buddy and fellow foodie-slash-cook-extraordinaire. She came over to make kimichi bokeum bap (aka, kimchi fried rice) with Tommy’s donations to my kitchen.

I won’t attempt to replicate the recipe here yet. I need to make it a couple of times on my own before I’ll trust myself to replicate the recipe accurately and deliciously.

006Same with the kimchi jigae (kimchi soup) she made a couple of days later. They have similar techniques, although the bap requires cutting up the kimchi into smaller, bite-sized pieces.

008We also put large chunks of Tommy’s Vietnamese canned beef. I don’t actually know what it is, but it was tasty! And that’s all that matters in the end, right?

The jigae was made for a mini-potluck with my friends Liz and Yaeri. We camped out in Liz’s room and had Korean barbecue (kalbi). 019

Of course, to begin, we, as future lawyers, partook in the sacred act of . . . alcohol imbibing. Ahh…


The cold sauteed peas were absolutely delicious. I don’t know what was in them (I think Liz said she got the recipe from our friend Claire’s mom). But I definitely want to snag this recipe at some point. It was fantastic!


And I also have decided that I need to get one of these grills for my own apartment. It’s SO convenient to have your own grill! We just sat around the table and grilled the barbeque right in front of ourselves plus the mushrooms, sweet potatoes, onions, etc. It was a fabulous meal.


It was wrapped up with a chocolate mousse cake that Yaeri had bought from Schubert’s Bakery in the Inner Richmond, where we had gone earlier that morning. What more could one ask for? I didn’t get to try the cake, but the cookies were pretty darn good.


That being said, I am proud to say that I have successfully completed my first year of law school! It was difficult, and my grades could possibly have been better, but I’ve had so much fun and met so many great people . . . It’s been good. Thanks for the support, guys! Until next time~~~


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