Hello from Irvine, CA!


Hullo hullo, dear readers!

Apologies for the dearth of posts. I recently moved to Irvine, CA for my summer internship with Allergan, and with the craziness of packing, moving, recovering from finals, and shoddy internet at home (it still isn’t working, so I’m surreptitiously posting from work) I haven’t had a spare moment to update! I don’t want you guys to think that I’ve fallen off the face of the planet (I haven’t, I swear!), so I just wanted to pop by, send a wave and promise that there WILL be posts soon! I promise!

Because I literally moved in just yesterday to my new place from my Aunt’s place in West Covina, my kitchen is completely bare. I realized that there is no salt anywhere in my kitchen. Good for low-sodium stuff, but bad if I need to season things. So tonight I will be raiding the local H-mart or Ranch99 or whatever supermarket is close by. Time to stock up!

In the meantime, cross your fingers and hope with me that my internet situation at home will be resolved soon!

Upcoming posts:

1. Kimchi Bokeum Bap (Kimchi Fried Rice, courtesy of my friend Sara)

2. Chicken Pate Rice (courtesy of my friend Tommy)

3. Pictures galore!

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