A Family Dinner . . . of sorts.


148My friends here in California have become my surrogate family. Being three thousand miles away from my parents and brothers has not been as difficult as it could have been, I think, mainly because I have met such an amazing group of people here. Granted, part of the reason that I have not been terribly homesick might be due to the fact that law school piles on so much work that I don’t have the time to be homesick, but I think that my ability to settle in so well in San Francisco is due to the friends that I have made here. I’ve met people from all walks of life; they support me and motivate me and keep me entertained. Together, we’ve become a family, brothers and sisters pieced together and bonding over the mutually shared trauma of law school.

Back home, my family and I would eat dinner together every day. I know that some people find it strange that we find the time to sit down together every night to eat our meals, but it really is something that I find bonds a family. And here in California, I have managed to gather together my friends every now and again for similar family-style dinners.

While I haven’t been able to have group dinners every night here (doing that would be academic suicide, I think, considering how much time these dinners take out of the day). But I love it when people gather together and enjoy food and talk and good times. So we have dinners – perhaps every month or so – and usually it is some sort of potluck, with everyone bringing a different dish. The composition of the group isn’t always the same, but it definitely is always great fun.

136I promised my friend Ben that I would put a picture of him cooking. He told me, after my last post, that I need to put pictures of him cooking instead of a post without any food at all, and so I obliged. He’s cooking kalbi (Korean bbq) in the above picture.


For this dinner, I made crab rangooons (see above), and baked salmon (see below):


Ben made terikaki chicken:


And Gina brought the kalbi and made salad:


Stacey brought bread and pate, and Justin brought rice. And then we had strawberries for dessert. I love strawberries. YUM! Chris ended up joining us for the dinner too, after I saw him on my way up to my room. Good times.

I’ll post up a recipe for crab rangoons at some point. 😀

Anyway– I just wanted to also take this chance to say a huge thankyou to all my friends in San Francisco. You guys have been my motivation and inspiration and source of happiness for the past six months. I have suffered and I sometimes want to beat something up in frustration, but in the end you guys have stuck by me and made sure that I haven’t gone completely insane. Thank you. I love you guys. ❤

2 Responses to “A Family Dinner . . . of sorts.”

  1. 1 eddie

    ahhh, crab rangoons, smoked salmon pizza! this is some really fancy stuff…the photos make them look even more delicious….

  2. 2 Yumi

    Those look scrumptious! You take beautiful (almost pornographic) pictures of food.

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