Spring Break – Washington DC


058It was just too bad that we had to visit DC so early. The cherry blossoms weren’t due for another three weeks (although some, like above, were starting to bud). The weather was also extremely chilly. I think Gina had fun, though, even if we did miss the cherry blossom festival (Sakura Matsuri).

I actually don’t have any food pictures from DC– I just took Gina to my favorite spots to eat in the area – Bob’s (66) Noodles, CAVA, Marathon Deli . . . We also hit up the regular touristy spots of DC – Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, WWII, Vietnam, Korean War Memorials, Washington Monument, the White House . . . It was all fine and dandy and cold!

But I will say the most amusing part of our trip was this (just keep scrolling!):


YAY! DC is full of crazies! I love it!

I had a good time at home. And I really hope that Gina did too… Regardless, I think the trip definitely wore her out:


(Note: apologies for the lack of posts– law school has not been kind to my mind, body, or soul lately… and with finals coming up in short order, I have little time for anything other than fussing over my books and wishing I could just download everything into my brain, Matrix-style…)

So to those of you in law school: GOOD LUCK ON FINALS!


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