Spring Break – Cupertino style


020Ahh, spring break.

A time to get away from the daily grind of school… and instead face the grind of studying every spare moment you get. At least, that’s what I had originally planned to do. But it turns out that I found that my preferred activity was taking my stress out on giant chess pieces. Chessmen, hear my ROAR!

My brother told me that school children used to get spring break in order to stay home and help their farmer parents with planting seeds. Thankfully for me, I have no such obligations. Instead, I spent my spring break split between visiting my friend, Anne, in Cupertino (south San Francisco) and returning home (Washington DC). Yay! It was good to get away, although I definitely came back exhausted and needing Spring Break Take Two. And Take Three. And maybe Four and Five while we’re at it . . .

One more thing . . . spring break was especially sweet because I got an email a couple of days earlier from my moot court professor declaring that I had passed the ten-error-rule*! That meant I could spend my spring break freely!

*note about the ten-error-rule – we had to write a brief (see previous post here), and it had to have fewer than ten mistakes in it for us to pass the class. If we failed the ten-error-rule, then we would have to rewrite our brief over spring break. Sucks, huh? But I passed! Hurrah! Time to PARTY!

Anyway, this entry is about my Cupertino trip. The DC trip will be my next entry.

0331 That morning, Anne, Yvonne, and I woke up super early to catch the Express CalTrain from San Francisco to Mountain View. Super bright and early. And, of course, we literally got to the train station just in time to see the train we were trying to catch pull away. Ah well. We hopped on the next one and got to Mountain View at 10:15. Anne’s mom had a cute little persimmon hanging from her rearview mirror. None of us had eaten breakfast, so we went to an Asian supermarket (ahh, how I love those!) and ate lots of good Taiwanese breakfast food, aka 甜豆漿 (sweet soy milk), 油條燒餅 (dough fritters … in… something. I have no idea how to describe it. It’s just tasty), 韭菜盒子 (chive dumpling), 蛋餅 (egg pancake)… SO GOOD. It made me miss Taiwan terribly.

After that, we stopped by Anne’s house for a while. Then we went to Santana Row where we beat up chessmen and window shopped for things wished we could afford. Went to the mall as well. Then we got bubble tea at 天仁茗茶 (Ten Ren’s). For some reason, though, I haven’t wanted to drink bubble tea with any of the boba in a long time – not since I came back from Taiwan. I guess I got tired of it there . . .

We went back to Anne’s and chilled for a while. Yvonne took a nap, and Anne and I watched the Travel Network. There are some fascinating foods in Hong Kong . . .

Oh, Anne’s backyard has a lemon tree, an orange tree, some mandarin orange trees . . . it’s crazy! Plus the fruit is actually edible! I know it sounds strange for me to say that, but the apple tree we have in my backyard is . . . not worth spending time picking past the bruises and wormy bits for the small bit of sour flesh. Haha. C’est la vie. We have apples, and they have oranges!

And then, came dinnertime…

036To those of you who know what this is, stop drooling. Mike mentioned this in his post back in December. 紅燒牛肉麵!! Beef Noodle Soup! So tasty. We went to A&J’s restaurant (半畝園) for this. Strange thing is, we have an A&J’s in Maryland as well… Weird. I didn’t know it was (sort of) a chain . . .


After that, we went over to BJ’s to drink beer and chat it up as only girls can. We stayed a while, and then headed back to Anne’s to crash. Of course, before we did that, we had to go through her yearbooks . . . Then the next morning, Yvonne and I woke up bright and early yet again to catch the CalTrain home.

Suffice to say, it was a fun trip. Thanks, Anne, for hosting us!

2 Responses to “Spring Break – Cupertino style”

  1. 1 Alea

    yay santana row and A&J’s. Now that i know there’s one in cupertino (always thought that Irvine had the only one) i must hit that place up

  2. 2 mike

    psh…having the real thing right now.

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