In Brief: a Brief



I’m done with my brief for my Moot Court Class!!!!! This beauty is a sexy 18 pages, not including 4 pages for the table of contents and table of authorities. This has been my baby for the past two months. Next up, I get to dress up and argue in front of judges! Ahh!!

Oh, and dear readers, don’t worry. My next post will be food related. Law school just demanded that I acknowledge its presence briefly.

In other news, it seems that my life will be super hectic next year. I’ve just been elected President of our school’s APALSA (Asian Pacific American Law Students Association), so . . . I’m in for quite a ride!


3 Responses to “In Brief: a Brief”

  1. 1 Jen

    OMG! Congrats on the APALSA election. Hehe, our group is called APALSA too, and our noms are coming up. I was thinking about running, but not for anything as crazy as president! Congrats on that and the brief!

    • 2 Jeanne

      Ooh, good luck with nominations. ^__^ What do you want to run for?

  2. 3 Jen

    Oh, haha, I totally didn’t notice you replied. I ran for 2L Class Rep, which I got! (Wasn’t too hard, no one was running against me. =P)

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