Birthday Breakfast – Korean style!


dsc01121Apparently on your birthday, Koreans eat meeyuk keuk, a seaweed soup. It’s high in protein, low in calories, and generally very healthy for you. It’s made from a soup based with dried anchovies, and there is beef, seaweed, egg, rice… Mmm…

So on my birthday (just in case you were wondering, my birthday was two months ago – BUT, I AM catching up!), my friend Gina made it for me. It was extra special because that girl never got up before we had to have class (and on Mondays, we didn’t have class until 1:10pm), and that day, she brought my breakfast in at 8am!!!

It was delicious and healthy and generally a great gift. Granted, I think we celebrated my birthday for a full week this time around. Crazy much? I suppose so. But then again, we’re law students. We’re supposed to be crazy.


5 Responses to “Birthday Breakfast – Korean style!”

  1. 1 Adam

    This is interesting. Is it more a breakfast meal or just an “anytime” soup? I’m Chinese and I usually eat a noodle soup with a hard boiled egg on my birthday. I’m going to find some of meeyuk keuk now, thanks.

  2. 2 Jeanne

    I think you can actually eat it at any time~ Some people eat it for all three meals on their birthday. In fact, Korean mothers are given this soup post partum because apparently it’s very good for nursing… Not that you necessarily fall into that category 😀 But, like just about any other food, you really can eat it at any time of the year/day/etc. The only food I can really think of that might possibly be a once-a-year type food would be… birthday cake? Otherwise… this food is healthy and tasty. I say… go for it!

  3. Hello from New York! I love all kinds of soup. That looks very good.

  4. 4 Alea

    love meeyokguk

  5. 5 KaCha

    helloooo…=) glad you were able to try 미역국 for your birthday! your friend’s very thoughtful and the soup she made looks delicious

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