SF wanderings


In an effort to save time, I am going to post a bunch of pictures from my first few days in the city when my father and I were exploring. Enjoy!

Feeding in North Beach

Dinner after we had walked our legs off was at Panta Rei.

My dad’s sea bass and shrimp something or the other. Deliciously tender.

My pasta (I really have no idea what dishes these are… they aren’t on the menu on the website anymore…)

Circling the Castro…

My favorite quote from my trip with my dad? This one: “Wouldn’t it be funny if we went to a gay bar together…?”

Wow, dad. Really.

Our dinner was at Barracuda.

This was a DELICIOUS appetizer. Looipops Scallops Tempura… The description on the website says: wrapped with prosciutto, shiitake, potato puree, and tobiko aioli.

And a Pink Lady. Funky, huh?

Chowing down in Chinatown!

We stopped at a very clean-looking Vietnamese/Chinese noodle place. My dad got this.

And I got Taiwanese-styled Beef Noodle Soup.


I wish I had more time with my dad to explore the city. Next time, right? Next time!!


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